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Ticket prices

Ticket Presales Box Office
Friday (Aug. 26th) 19 € 22 €
Saturday (Aug. 27th) 19 € 22 €
Sunday (Aug. 28th) 17 € 20 €
Con-Ticket (3 days) 35 € 40 €
Con-Ticket (3 days) + Fan package 47 €
Postage within Austria + 1,50 €
Insured postage within Austria + 3.70 €
Postage within Europe + 2.30 €
Insured postage within Europe + 5.15 €
Postage outside Europe + 3.00 €
Insured postage outside Europe + 5.85 €

Ticket Presale is finished!

Box office tickets are limited by the size of the convention area. If the maximum capacity of visitors is reached, no further tickets will be sold.

Box office tickets are sold from Friday to Saturday during the opening hours!

Fan-packages (Con-packages)

A fan package (also named Con-package) contains an AniNite T-shirt in choosable sizes and a small surprise. Fan packages are not available at the box office.


Ticket presale starts in March 2016 and ends on Friday, 22th of July 2016.
We offer 3 forms of ticket delivery:

  • Collection by costumer:
    Like the years before, the customer orders a presale ticket voucher and receives an e-mail with a bar code after payment.
    This e-mail ticket voucher will be scanned at a special cash desk at the convention and the visitor receives the original ticket in exchange.
  • Standard postage delivery:
    In exchange for an additional fee of 1,50 € (within Austria) we will send the ordered original tickets directly to the customer by mail.
    Notice: Lost tickets will not be refunded by the convention organizers.
    Delivery within Europe costs 2,30 €, world wide shipping costs 3,00 €.
    Already shipped tickets cannot be canceled and will not be refunded.
  • Insured postage delivery:
    For an additional fee of 3,70 € (within Austria), ordered tickets are sent insured directly to the customer by mail. Transport and reception are documented, therefore if tickets are lost during delivery, we will send a replacement for each lost ticket.
    Delivery within Europe costs 5,15 €, world wide shipping costs 5,85 €.
    Already shipped tickets cannot be canceled and will not be refunded.

  • Payment options:
    • Cash deposit on bank account
    • Bank transfer (within the EU free space)
  • Grace:
    Each customer needs to pay all ordered tickets and fees until 22th of July 2016, otherwise the order will expire.
  • Cancellation/Refund:
    Already paid ticket vouchers can be cancelled with a refund until 8th of July 2016 with a 20% cancellation fee.
    Already delivered mail tickets cannot be canceled and are not refunded.
  • Postage of tickets:
    For both forms of ticket delivery (standard and insured), we offer following shipping times:

    •  May
    • June
    • Juli
    • August

    By postage delivered tickets grant visitors immediate access to the convention area during the opening hours.
    Orderers of fan packages will receive an additional voucher with the ticket. At the entrance this voucher can be exchanged to the fan package.

  • Lanyards:
    We offer ticket lanyards at the entrance, because within the convention area, all tickets must be carried at a good visible position.
  • Additional informations:
    After 22th of July 2016, no further online ticket orders are allowed. Remaining tickets are only available at the box office. The amount of these tickets is limited and we cannot guarantee the availability throughout the convention opening hours. Presale ticket vouchers, which have been paid and validated by us already, can be fetched at the special box office via bar code.