• You want to make a report about the AniNite or generally about the anime / manga community in Austria?
  • You are looking for a press accreditation?
  • You want to become a partner of us?
  • You are interested in exclusive interviews with our star guests?
  • Do you have questions about our convention?

If you have one of these questions above, please send us a request by our contact form in category ‘Press’.

Check also our portfolio page, if you need images and other stuff about the AniNite.

Your contact before and during the convention is: Rene Fürst

We can only process accreditation requests that contain all required informations we need. Due to limited free places, your accreditation is only valid, if you receive a formal acknowledgment from us.
Press tickets and further information documents are handed over at the press counter at the event location.

Deadline for registration is Sunday, 21st of August 2016.

On-Site accreditation:

Please contact us before Sunday, 21st of August. We accept on-site accreditations only in very rare cases (like TV reports).
Therefore we need a legitimate press card or an official printed impressum of a news paper or magazine containing your name.

To legitimate your request, we need:

  • An official press card
  • A printed impressum of a news paper or magazine containing your name (not older than one year)
  • Attendees of previous AniNite festivals need to show their report from the last visit as part of their registration.

Access permissions for media representatives:

  • press ticket
  • audience area
  • photo area near the stage
  • press lounge (if available)

A successful accreditation requires following informations:Press

  • Your name
  • Address
  • e-Mail address
  • Homepage
  • Profession
  • Copy of press card or a printed impressum containing your name
  • Name and address of your company

Please send those informations in your request by our contact form (category: Press) or by e-mail to

Report copy:

If your accreditation is acknowledged and you publish a report about us, please send us a copy of your report, images and videos. We can distribute them as advertisment in your name.


Please notice: All taken photos and videos are only allowed to appear in reports about the AniNite or about the AniManga association.
It is not allowed by the organizers and artists of the AniNite, to use photos and videos from the convention for other purposes without written acknowledgment from AniManga.