dvd_Green_V1AMV – Anime Music Video

The creators of new Anime-Music-Videos will compete at the  AniNite AMV challenge and each participiant will fight hard for the final victory.
From year to year the level of creativity rises and we all are interested in the new ideas we will see when the best videos are published on the convention.

pose4-c-640Austrian Otaku of the Year

If you are the greates Otaku, show us! Otakus can collect scores on different conventions in Austria, but at the greatest event -the AniNite- the challenge starts on the main stage. In tricky games we try to find the best of the best. Finally, the highest score shows us: The Austrian Otaku of the Year.


Who does not want to be a character of his/her favorite Anime or Manga? The true to original costume, the most creative idea and the best performance make the best cosplayers. And we want to see them all at the cosplay contest at the AniNite 2016.

cosplay2_Yellow_V1Cosplay Photocontest

Want should you do, if you see a cosplayer?
Correct, you take a photo!
If you are experienced in cosplay-photography, you should submit your shots to our Cosplay Photocontest, and maybe, you will win.

DDR – Dance Dance RevolutionUne1-c

Good footwork and a talent for rhythm are the key to win this game.
Follow the arrows on the screen and become the champion of our DDR contest.
… or just have some fun, when you dance!


Creativity on the highest level, traditional or digital, beginner or expert … we want all fans to show us their art.
All submitted drawings are also exhibited at the convention.


We want to know all about your collections at home.
Photos of Manga, Anime, figures, posters, games, cards or magazines …
Proof your geekness!

Photo Challengephoto-c

To offer our visitors a special event on the convention, we will also start the “Photo-Challenge”.
The rules are easy: 3 days – 3 themes – 3 photos.
Participate and win!


The whole area of the convention is part of a unique Pokémon event.
Team Rocket Grunts and other challengers wait for you.
Only who wins against all of them becomes the AniNite Pokémon master.

Video gamesgame-c

Different video game contest are offered every year at the AniNite.
Are you the best? Show us and proof yourself!