Takeshi Miyagawa

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takeshi-miyagawaModel kit master Takeshi Miyagawa

For us, Takeshi Miyagawa has become more than a star guest, he is a special friend of the AniNite.

This master from Japan inspires not only the local model kit community with his amazing workshops and his new creations, but also every visitor of the convention.

We are really glad to welcome Takeshi-san again as our guest and we wish all visitors a lot of fun with all exhibited figures from different anime and manga volumes.

Jennifer Weiß

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Voice Actress Jennifer Weiß

For Jennifer, her dream to become a voice actress has come true, because she already liked Anime and Japan in her childhood.

jenniferweiss2016She began to exercise voice acting as a 15 year old girl at home on her computer as a self-study.
When she started as a trainee in a voice acting studio in Berlin, her talent was soon discovered.

Her initial acting part was “Mariko” in “Elfen Lied”, and further secondary roles followed, but with “Osaka” in “Azumanga Daioh” she got her first main role.

After she finished her singing instruction and her acting studies, she took numerous voice acting roles during the last 10 years, like:

  • Pinki Pie in ‘My little Pony’
  • Ritsu in ‘K-ON!’
  • Mari in ‘Evangelion’

But we also know her voice from e.g. Melissa in ‘We are the Millers’, and fans of the Nintendo game “Professor Layton and the Lost Future” are familar with ‘Flora Reinholdt’, who’s voice also came from Jennifer.

Her most current roles are:

  • Krile in ‘Final Fantasy XIV’
  • Tikki in ”Miraculous’
  • Rebecca in ‘Disney Alex & Co’
  • Kumin Tsuyuri in ‘Love, Chunibyu & Other Delusions’

Visit her Website for further details


Elyon Cosplay

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Hi! :)

We are Elyon Cosplay & mimi clothing, two Hungarian cosplayers. And we are really excited to go to AniNite this year!

We have been really close friends long before we started cosplaying, and we both became fashion designers, turning our passion into a profession.

I (Ely) moved to Germany 2 years ago, but we are still teaming up in cosplays as often as we can.

We are holding a workshop about basic cosplay sewing. Can’t wait to see you there, or at our booth.

See you soon!