Art Alley

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art-cIn the Artist Alley we celebrate the idea of “From-Fans-For-Fans” in a special way.
Designers, hobbyists and many other creative people will show their art and they also sell some parts of their work.

The Art-Alley will be split up on two levels, so have fun with a great collection of booths.

The AniNite searches every year for artist to join the team.

Do you want to apply too? Here you see the application process:

  • Download the application form:
  • Fill in all fields there and upload it in our contact page in the category “Art Alley”
  • You will receive an acceptance or refusal message until 3rd of June 2016.
  • If your application is accepted, you will receive a notification with the final contract.
    It contains information about the booth payment and further notices.
  • You will receive another notification, when your booth fee is payed and validated.
  • Finally, you get the position allocation within the convention.

NOTICE: Application deadline was 27th of Mai 2016

Time for applications is over, we will publish a list of accepted artists as soon as possible